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Ham Radio has always been in the forefront of electronic communication technology. From Morse Code to the digital age, using the latest in computer aided communication, Ham Radio has  taken a lead.

In 1998, Dave Cameron, VE7LTD, in Vancouver, BC, introduced the Internet Radio Linking Project, IRLP, to the ham world. Read the about the ground breaking history on the IRLP website:

Since its inception 14 years ago, the IRLP has gone global,  making it possible for hams to bridge continents with their love for Ham Radio.

Today, once again, a new chapter is starting. The Oregon Internet Radio Group and it’s founder, Michael Bloom, W7RAT, have gathered node owners around the world to widen that global communication and friendships shared by radio

enthusiasts.  Individual node owners are  dedicating specific  channels  on their IRLP reflectors to IRLP Topic Channels. Many hams have hobbies, passions or interests in common. These IRLP Topic Channels will make it possible to find other hams all over the world who share such interests. History, Sports, Travel, Digital Radio Technology, DX, Movies, Music are just a few of the topics being offered.

There are also channels that will adjust depending on the interests  of the day. We will be updating the topic information here on the IRLP Topic Channels website.

Join us as we broaden our friendships across the globe!

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Text Box: Channel Descriptions
IRLP Lounge – The place to meet and greet – discuss topics not listed
The Scouting Channel - Radio Scouting USA / JOTA -- For all Scouts; see
DX Channel – Track rare DX, make schedules, discuss propagation and operating technique
Sports – Baseball, Football, Soccer, Basketball, Golf, Tennis, any sport, local or international
History & Current Events - History and history in the making, yesterday’s events and today’s news
Media – From the silent screen to Imax, from Milton Berle to Robin Willliams, Big Bands to Rap
Election 2012 – Politics of the United States respectfully discussed
The Meaning of Life – Philosophy, Psychology and Science: what makes us tick, where did we come from and where are we heading
The Food Channel - Pizza, BBQ, or recipes. Whatever stirs your appetite. 
Stamp Collecting – Gathering philatelist hams from around the world
Emergency Communications – Prepare for the next hurricane, tsunami, tornado or man-made catastrophe
Hams in Broadcasting - Hams In Broadcasting – Broadcast Central for hams involved in radio or TV broadcasting

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Click this link and see what  subject is hot and who is talking!

*Accessible via Echolink

**FLEX-Channel – Topics subject to change
If your favorite topic isn’t listed, go to the IRLP Lounge and start your own topic discussion.
For information on how to access IRLP go to
For up-to-date information on topics and rules go to
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Topic Lineup for IRLP

9093* (ALL DAY) IRLP Topic Lounge

9091    18:00 UTC (11:00 PDST) Radio Scouting USA / JOTA

9001    23:00 UTC (16:00 PDST) DX Channel

9204    23:30 UTC (16:30 PDST) Sports

9077    00:00 UTC (17:00 PDST) History & Current Events

9351    00:30 UTC (17:30 PDST) Media

9730**01:00 UTC (18:00 PDST) Election 2012

9611    01:30 UTC (18:30 PDST) The Meaning of Life

9192**02:00 UTC (19:00 PDST) The Food Channel

9775**02:30 UTC (19:30 PDST) Stamp Collecting

9554    03:00 UTC (20:00 PDST) Emergency Communications

9615    22:30 UTC (15:30 PDST) Hams in Broadcasting      


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